Penne with nasturtiums in creamy cheese sauce; green beans – 17 June 2013

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main130617D reminded me today that I have a large chunk of Fontina Valle d’Aosta from The Cheese Board that I want to use and not let get old. 130617-cheeseThis was an exceptionally good wheel of the cheese, so I bought a bunch of it when I tasted it. (Not that much – that was what my wedge was cut from!)

The pasta is from The Pasta Bible, by Teubner et al., a long-ago impulse buy from Costco that very quickly became one of our favorite cookbooks. I’m sure I have written out the recipe elsewhere on one of my blogs, but simply: three threads come together: 1) Penne cooked perfectly, 130617-prep2) minced shallots and garlic sauteed in butter, then dried red chilis, also minced, and nasturtium leaves and petals, sliced thin, are added after removal from heat, and 3) cream is boiled down, chunks of fontina added and melted, parmaggiano grated in. [Not in recipe: before the end of cooking, steal some pasta water to heat the bowls!] Drain pasta, toss to coat in the cream/cheese sauce, then mix in the nasturtium mixture. Place in serving plates/bowls, dot with good Roquefort, and broil till the Roquefort melts (less than a minute). I got a new Roquefort at Berkeley Bowl for this, and it was very good. Called “Saint Agur.” This turned out well tonight. I think I cooked down the cream less than usual, and it was interesting. I made 3/4 instead of 1/2 recipe b/c three of us can have the leftovers for lunch as a result.

130617-settingI bought some plain ol’ green beans at the Bowl, and they looked like the easiest veggie in the fridge, so I cleaned a bunch of them, trimmed off the stem ends, cut into bite-able lengths, and boiled 4 minutes in salted water. I drained these and put some butter into the saucepan, then dumped them back, salted them, and left on low (which is VERY low) till the pasta was ready. They got a little overdone, but not terribly so.

wine130617We had leftover Valreas and Minervois for dinner. The Minervois still did not excite us, though we’re willing to try a second bottle to give it another chance, it being a Minervois. Valreas is always good (though this bottle was also less than the best one we’ve had).

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