Spaghetti with leftover sauce; romano beans with morels – 27 June 2013

D dug around in the fridge for a few minutes, as is his wont, and came up with a yummy dinner – part leftovers, part yummy new inspiration.

main130627We’d had bits of leftover cooked spaghetti a couple times in the last few days, which he tossed into boiling water for a couple of minutes to heat it – an old restaurant trick which works really well. He also heated up a little bit of leftover sauce from the night when he added the romano beans and dry sausage bits.130627-GranaPadano It was very tasty. D made a plate of shavings of Grana Padano, but I didn’t put any on my pasta (just forgot, and it was delicious and didn’t need anything) until the cheese was all gone, so he ate it all. Except a tiny bit at the end, which I put on some bread. That was yummy.

D also cooked some romano beans by boiling, and cleaned some morels and cooked them in butter, adding the boiled beans at the end.

wine130627We had almost the last of a Sweet Rustic Baguette from Acme that D bought for lunch sandwiches yesterday, then froze, removing it from the freezer late this morning for more sandwiches and finishing it off (except I kept one more sandwich’s worth) for dinner.

We had another of the new discounted North Berkeley wines, and this was the best so far. We both liked it – called “Sannio Aglianico Doc” by Quintale (2007).

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