Italian sausage; fresh cranberry beans; green beans – 28 June 2013

Friday night, and I was expecting to be home late, but ended up home an hour early instead. D was going to cook, but ended up being late. We traded off, since I discovered there was still time to open and cook the fresh cranberry beans, which we had planned to go with our last Christopher Lee Italian sausage from the freezer.

main130628Using an Alice Waters recipe from The Great Bean Book by Fabricant and Berry, I covered the beans with 1″ (or more, really) of salted water, added a spash (“2 Tbsp”) of olive oil, and cooked them 30 minutes. After 15 mins, D arrived home, and was dismayed that I had not added any flavorings, so I got a few-inch sprig of rosemary from our bush, and he added in some peeled garlic cloves. 130628-settingThen I went to the showers, and D finished off the cranberry beans, as well as boiling or steaming up some green beans, and completing the cooking of our Italian sausage, defrosted, which I bought from Christopher Lee a few weeks ago. The Italian sausages cook on my stove at med/med-low, covered, for 7 to 8 minutes on a side, starting with a bit of olive oil in the cast iron frying pan.  I’m writing this the 1st, so I don’t remember for sure, but I think I bought a new Acme Rustic baguette today.

wine130628D discovered the other day that a wooden wine case he thought empty was in fact full. I’d gotten these at Costco, following having a bottle or two we’d really liked from a previous trip. After the Costco people moved a bunch of stuff to get down the huge thingy with crates of this wine, and they’d given me one, they casually mentioned it was a different vintage. Oh s**t. But by the time they’d gone through all that trouble to get the case for me (I’m talking forklift, here), I crossed my fingers and went ahead and bought it. It was ok, but not fabulous. Next time we’ll give it more breathing.

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