Nicoise Salad – 29 June 2013

I’ve been wanting to make this salad ever since Saveur sent me their Provencal menu. They send very enticing emails. It’s a terrific magazine, to which I’ve subscribed happily for several years.

main120629I love beautiful food, so I was totally a sucker for this. After I saw the recipe, D and I were at Costco and caught sight of some Italian, oil-pack Tonno, and both knew we should buy it – this was my goal for it. I used half a can for the two of us, and the rest we will use in a re-run for lunch tomorrow, when the weather is likely to be just as hot. It’s pretty simple – just clean some stuff, boil some other stuff, cut up more stuff, and make a dressing.

For this version in particular:

I splurged on quail eggs – 10 of them for $1.99. We boiled them for 5 minutes, which turned out to be perfect. We used 5 of them for dinner.

130629-ingredients1I trimmed the haricots verts and cooked them 1 minute in boiling, salted water. For the “new potatoes,” I bought marble tomatoes, and cooked them, uncut,  in the same water as the haricots, after I removed those. I halved these before plating. After removing the potatoes, I used the water again to cook 5 small, yellow beets, which I had peeled and quartered. These cooked I think 15 more minutes, but might have been 10.


D thinly sliced a couple of small radishes – one red and one white – and also halved the grape tomatoes. He split about 6 or 8 Nicoise olives.  D bought two cucumbers at the Grand Lake farmers’ market today, which unfortunately were not terrific, but one was friendly and not bitter, so I sliced about half of that thinly for the salad. 



130629-TonnoI used 1/2 a 7 oz. can of Tonno for the two of us. It said to “drain” the oil off, but all I did was remove half the tuna to a plate before plating it. It didn’t really drip much oil at all.

The dressing was made per the recipe at Saveur, except that D used perhaps 1/4 tsp or slightly more??? salt to help grind the garlic in a mortar. He also did not measure the lemon, but used what seemed right.

wine130629-1The recipe suggests a rose’, and shows a Domaine Sorin, which shows they have good taste. However, D found two other wines to try – one from North Berkeley Wines’ recent sale, and the other from Berkeley Bowl – neither one expensive. I somewhat preferred the rose from the Bowl with this salad, but the NBW Trebbiano d’Abruzzo (Notari / Nicodemi) was quite intriguing and was interesting with the meal.


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