Spaghetti with sausage, snap peas, and pine nuts; broccolini – 30 June 2013

We really hadn’t decided who was cooking, but D volunteered to go look in the fridge and see what he could come up with. He’s amazingly good at that. He made a pasta topping out of salsice secce (I think Columbus), some sugar snap peas I bought awhile ago and didn’t realize we still had some of, and some pine nuts, which he toasted perfectly in the frying pan. Also garlic and olive oil, but I suppose that is obvious?

main130630I cut up but did not peel the broccolini – which I just bought at the Bowl Saturday b/c it was so beautiful – and steamed it about 7 minutes, then added butter for serving. Yummy!

We had leftover wines – the Chateau Liversan from last night, and the Caravaglio from the 26th. The Liversan survived a bit better, but both were fine, really. We also had more of the Acme Sweet Rustic Baguette, which we froze last night after dinner.

lunchmain130630For lunch we had a rerun of the Nicoise from last night, less the beets, b/c we ate them all up. Delicious salad! We had the rest of the Rose, which really was a good match.

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