Grilled sturgeon; grilled corn and avocado salsa; Thai jasmine rice; cold veggies – 2 July 2013

D pointed out last night that we had some white wine in the fridge waiting for the right dinner, and then mentioned fish, so I sorted through the Weber grilling books and composed this dinner.

main130702The salsa is made by grilling corn cobs, then cutting off the kernels, and pureeing half of them along with a large garlic clove. The puree is added to finely minced basil and scallions, salt, pepper, lime juice, avocado chunks, and the rest of the corn kernels. My notes from 11 Sept 2010 say this was a “terrific” side dish, but I was not terribly impressed tonight, unfortunately. I went to the Bowl assuming I’d buy halibut to grill, but decided to try something different. I asked the fish guy for a recommendation for a mild-flavored fish good for grilling, and he suggested sturgeon, so I bought a chunk of that, despite being somewhat worried about the thickness of the piece. I just oiled the fish and salted it, then placed it on the preheated grill and turned the grill down to medium. After 7 minson one side and about 5 on the other, the center was totally uncooked. D suggested slicing the chunk, which I then did (vertically, as far as its position on the grill was concerned). I oiled and salted the cut faces and grilled these for a couple of minutes, and the fish was done. It was mild and tasty, but had an interesting overtaste that reminded me of mold. Hm. It was not moldy, and it was not that moldy burst taste that you get from actual mold so I don’t think it was actually moldy, but it was interestingly reminiscent. I cooked up a cup of Thai jasmine rice, which was probably fine till I decided to stir in a bit of butter just before it was done. I think stirring at that point caused the rice to be muggier than usual. But maybe it was something else – too much water? too little time? It tasted ok, just had an oddly wet texture.

130702-veggiesI was concerned about the relative lack of veggies, so cut up a carrot I got from the Adeline farmers’ market today, and a Persian cuke and three romanito tomatoes I bought at the Bowl. Good, fresh, bright, crispy veggies! We had the 1/3 bottle of leftover pinot grigio and 1/2 bottle of the Trebbiano, which originally I thought was the rose, since it tasted much sweeter than I recalled. Both still good.

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