Papardelle with radicchio and pancetta; zucchini – 3 July 2013

I’ve made this pasta a few times now – great, and easy (for sufficiently foodie versions of “easy” 🙂 )

main130703Here’s my recipe including time points:

-100 mins or so: make pasta dough. Mix 1 cup flour with 1 egg (beat it in place), then knead to blend, adding only as much water as is absolutely necessary to make the dough ball hold together. Wrap in waxed paper (not plastic wrap – plastic is not compostable) and let sit at room temp.

Pre-prep: Julienne somewhat less than half a 4″ head of radicchio. Chop half a small yellow onion. “Julienne” (cut across the piece into slices < 1/4″) two or three rounds of pancetta (I used Fra’ Mani).

-40ish mins: in 1 1/2 Tbsp (or so) olive oil over medium heat, cook the julienned pancetta till brown (5-10 mins).

-33ish mins: add the chopped onions; turn heat down to med-low and cook, stirring frequently, till brown, about 30 mins.

-30 mins or so: Roll out the pasta dough. I cut the dough into 6 pieces so they would not make too-long noodles.  Roll to thickness “5” (on Atlas pasta maker) and lay out on floured board. Cut with a knife into 1/2″ to 1 cm wide noodles. I put these to hang for a bit on a dowel, which makes it easy to carry them to the pot to boil.

-10ish mins: Start the salted pasta water.

-5ish mins, or whenever the water boils: put in the pasta and stir. Cook 5 mins.

-3 mins: add the julienned radicchio and 1 pinch salt. Pepper.

-2 mins: steal a bit of pasta water to heat the bowls.

0 mins: drain the pasta thoroughly, and return to the hot pan. Add the radicchio mixture and 1/4 cup pasta cooking water (it’s in the serving bowls) and stir well. Dump water from the serving bowls and add the pasta. Grate parmaggiano over the top (used Grana Padano this time).

wine130703Using the Benriner, I cut up a few inches of a largish zucchini I got at the Bowl for 49 cents/lb  – then I cut the slices into quarters, and cooked in olive oil with salt and pepper till the pasta was ready.

We went to Trader Joe’s this morning, as much b/c it fell on the route between two destinations as anything – and we bought a couple of rather expensive wines. Had one tonight – a Barolo from 2008 – and it was quite good. We are happy with it at $14 and will buy more. Note that tonight, with the 4th tomorrow, is officially a weekend dinner, hence the pricier wine is ok 🙂

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