Pork tenderloin with cherry glaze; hen-of-the-woods mushrooms; beet greens – 6 July 2013

It’s all about the wine. We decided to go for another Christmas dinner – that’s two in a row – to taste another of the wines from North Berkeley Wines that were on sale.  We chose the Pommard because there are not a lot of them left. The person I spoke to at NBW suggested, among other possibilities, a pork tenderloin with cherry glaze, and she was exactly right.

main130706I used a recipe from food.com, half of it b/c I defrosted only one tenderloin (about a pound). I also forgot to put in the brown sugar, but that may have been an advantage as far as the wine was concerned; also, the recipe calls for unsweetened cherries, and “light syrup” in the cherries I used may already have as much sugar as this call for (but I doubt it). I used Trader Joe’s Dark Morello Cherries in Light Syrup for the “tart cherries” – a donation from R, when I asked his advice.

wine130706I cleaned and cooked another ~ 1 1/2 bunches of beet greens exactly as I did yesterday. I also bought, given, again, the recommendation fron NBW, mushrooms – my favorite Hen-of-the-woods – cleaned them (didn’t require almost any cleaning) and sauteed them in butter. I used about 4 cups of “leaves” from the mushrooms for the two of us.

The Pommard was superb, and the recommendation of cherry-glazed pork to go with it was just perfect. The wine is from Domaine Berthelemot (2010 Noizons), and is the second of theirs with which we’ve been very impressed.


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