Lamb loin chops; panzanella; collard greens with bacon – 13 July 2013

This is practically a remake of a meal from 7 August 2010.The grilled lamb and pazanella are from Weber’s Big Book of Grilling.

main130713Differences from the recipe: There were no rib chops at the Bowl, so I bought 2 loin chops for each of us. These are thicker, so I cooked them 4 minutes on the first side, and then about 5-6 on the second. They were pretty much med-rare at this point.

130713-closeupThe panzanella was something I had been wanting to make as soon as we could get good tomatoes, but the weird bread this week sort of prompted me to try it now. 130713-tomatoesThis was a good outcome for the bread, which toasted up reasonably well, but not a great outcome for the salad, which could have been a lot better with fresh bread being grilled instead of the heavy, overly damp loaf. Still a mystery why the bread turned out so strange. Anyway, I cut three slices and left them vertical to dry during the day, cut off their crusts (which were exceptionally tough) and then painted them with the vinaigrette and grilled them, somewhat longer than prescribed.

130713-collardsI made collard greens according to the mentioned recipe, but added a small amount of finely diced yellow onion after the bacon was partly cooked, and well before the collard greens were added. The entire $1.05 bunch ended up consisting of just two leaves, but they were monsters!

wine130713Finally, the wine was a Savigny-les-Beaune, Les Picotins (2010). It was an excellent match for the meal, especially the balsamic-vinaigrette-marinated lamb. The wine is fom the great North Berkeley Wines 50% off sale.

We had strawberries for dessert 🙂









lunchmain130713I got a piece of Cheese Board pizza for lunch, since D was out. This is what you get if you order a piece if pizza. This one was, according to the menu, “fresh California corn, Roma tomatoes, mozzarella & parmesan cheeses, garlic olive oil, basil.” Having seen someone with pesto over the top of her pizza, I asked where to get some, and was directed to a squeeze bottle. Turns out it was not basil but I think cilantro, and a rather hot sauce, but it worked great.

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