Pizza with prosciutto, fontina, and arugula; avocado-tomato salad with Padron chilis – 14 July 2013

I had prosciutto, arugula, and Fontina Valle d’Aosta to use up, so I googled those three words plus “pizza” and got several possible recipes. I chose the one that also used tomatoes, b/c we have a bunch of fresh and very good ones from Tomatero Farm, from the Grand Lake Farmers’ Market yesterday. I made the pizza with 1/3 recipe of crust (Chez Panisse Calzone recipe) rather than 1/2 recipe, so had a salady thing along with it.

main130714I made a new crust dough today, and it seemed really good. After a 1 1/2 or possibly 2 hour rise in the sun, it was very poofy. I divided the dough into thirds, froze two of them, and formed the other into a ball and replaced in the rising bowl. Just before baking, I carefully let it fall into my hand without changing its shape, and stretched and pressed it into shape on the bread board. Ordinarily I shape the crust (or start to) when I start preheating the oven, so I can fold over the dough a few times and then leave it partly stretched long enough that it relaxes. Since I was late this time, I did no foldovers, just used it “as is” (very fluffy!) and it turned out fine. I cooked the dough on the stone at 500 for 1 1/2 minutes, removed to dress, then cooked 6 more minutes.

130714-settingAfter the pre-cook, I brushed the dough with probably 1 1/2 – 2 Tbsp olive oil, then covered with a prosciutto/onion mixture. To make this I halved, then thinly sliced, about 3/4 of a largish white onion (was supposed to be yellow but I had white – it was fine) and cooked in about 1 Tbsp olive oil for several minutes. Once it was cooked down a bit, I added a pile of prosciutto, sliced into small widths and separated as much as I had the patience for. Also added 1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes. This I cooked at about medium for 3 minutes or so, then turned off and let sit till time to spread on the pizza.

On top of the prosciutto/onion mix, I added a pile of grated Fontina Valle d’Aosta, and this is what I cooked for 6 minutes. After removing the pizza, I put on a couple small handfuls of baby wild arugula from the Bowl, and most of two small dry farmed early girl tomatoes from Tomatero (diced).

D and I both thought the arugula and tomato were disjunctive, and that the pizza would be better – though less beautiful – without them. I will try it next time with just the olive oil wash, onion/prosciutto/red pepper flakes topping, and the grated fontina. D also suggested adding some nuts; I thought of walnuts, but he suggested maybe pine nuts instead. All possible. Removing the tomatoes from this pizza makes it a winter pizza, and that is something I can always use.

130714-saladSince we were having 1/3 less pizza than usual, I wanted to add a salad, and decided to redo D’s invention of a few lunches ago using the Padron peppers he found at the market on the 6th. I washed, stemmed, and seeded them (wearing a rubber glove on my pepper hand), then cut them into small pieces. D cut up a bit of red onion and cooked that in oil, adding the Padrons only at the very end and cooking briefly. wine130714He poured the cooked mixture over cut up avocados and more chunked Tomatero early girls, and it was an outstanding salad.

R went to Grocery Outlet yesterday and offered (by phone) to bring us a few wines he’d found there. Tonight we had a pleasant 2010 Puglian Sangiovese called “Cipressi,” which D points out refers to cypress trees.  It was $5 and remarkable for the price.




lunchmain130714-BLTs-leftoverpanzanellaWe received a gift of Thomas’s English Muffins from our friend V, and I decided they’d make good BLTs. I had some slices of Fra’ Mani pancetta in the fridge that wanted eating, so this fit in extremely well. We had romaine and (from memory on the 24th) some heirloom tomatoes from the Bowl, mayo, and toasted muffins. They were great sandwiches! We also ate up the last of the panzanella from dinner. We both thought it would have been better if we’d pulled out the pieces of bread and refried them in oil to crisp the up.

130714-applepieAlso we made an apple pie, in hopes of using up the apples that are falling from our beleaguered tree. D has been pulling them off as fast as he can, but it’s still not fast enough!

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