Small plates – 15 July 2013

I had a bunch of things to use up, and some other things I was able to get only in small quantity, so this led to small plates making up the meal.

main130715-1On Saturday I went to The Cheese Board and the only mozzarella di bufala they had was an opened one that they had used for tasting – perhaps only once. I decided one was better than nothing, and got it for 25 cents off. I made a small caprese with this, two Tomatero Farm dry farmed early girls, some basil from the garden, some capers, and one anchovy fillet from our oil-packed Costco stash. I decided to spread the ingredients out in lines like the ones in the Nicoise 🙂 Drizzled with oil and D added some pepper over the top. It turned out quite well, I thought.

main130715-2Second, I had half a head of radicchio, as well as some prosciutto that I certainly didn’t want to go bad, so prosciutto-wrapped radicchio was an obvious choice. I had bought some baby lettuce with a little arugula Saturday at the Bowl in anticipation of making this. Meanwhile, I rediscovered our bottle of fig balsamic vinegar, which has an interesting sweetness to it. I cut the radicchio in half, then split one half, and realized that was all I could use (two eighths of the head) so I still have a quarter head left. The issue was not enough prosciutto, which was exacerbated a bit by the fact that this particular prosciutto was cut from near the end of a piece, and therefore was not in long pieces suitable for wrapping around veggies. I managed to get the two radicchio chunks pretty well covered, sticking the prosciutto on with toothpicks as a last resort. I washed the lettuce and left it to dry, and also made up a dressing of olive oil, that fig balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Just before dinner, I tossed the dried lettuces in most of the dressing – just enough to coat it well – and brushed the rest onto the prosciutto wrapped on the radicchio. I grilled the radicchio on medium, 5 minutes on the first side, 3 on the second, and then 2 more on the edge. I removed the toothpicks and cut the two pieces in half b/c they were very different sizes and differently wrapped, and served them over the dressed lettuce. I really liked this version of the dish!

130715-zucchiniNot sure if this would be enough dinner, I asked D over the phone if he would like more to eat, listing the possibilities. He said yes, and I decided to cook the yellow zucchini I had bought on spec. In choosing two tomatoes for the caprese, I had run across one with a big bad spot. I cut that out and tasted the edge of the remainder, which was fine – so bread130715I cut up that tomato and added it to the zucchini after cooking for perhaps 10 minutes on med-hi and then medium, in olive oil with salt and pepper. This turned out really well, too.

At almost the last minute, I realized I needed bread for this meal. Fortunately, we still had a frozen chunk of some Acme rustic baguette, which defrosted nicely in time for dinner.

wien130715D decided to try the other red wine R bought at Grocery Outlet over the weekend – a Chianti Riserva from 2007 called Contemassi. We liked it, and judged it to be worth the $8 is cost, and a solid weekday wine.

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