Eggplant/red pepper curry; Thai jasmine rice – 18 July 2013

I wanted to make this curry – or the original version of it – b/c we have a Thai basil plant and are not using it. I bought the red pepper, and was going to take out a package of chicken thighs, when I realized I should be using up the rest of the grilled eggplant (there was too much for the panzanella the other day, so I grilled the rest up with just oil, salt and pepper). D said why not add the eggplant to the chicken curry? Then I decided why not just make it an eggplant curry instead?

main130718Ironically, since this was all about using up the cooked eggplant, when I got out the grilled slices, I realized that there was not nearly enough of it, and went to the Bowl and bought another eggplant – a tiny globe, for 85 cents. 130718-cuteeggplantVery cute eggplant. I cut this into 1/2″ or perhaps slightly thicker slices, brushed with olive oil, and grilled about 6-8 minutes total on high, depending on where on the grill each slice was (uneven heat). They ended up perfectly done, though, unlike the first set, which I left too long (got called to do something) on the second side. I had to peel off that burnt part today. Also, I salted the first batch – thought it would be too unsweet for the curry when I tasted it today, but it actually was fine. Did notice the hard little burnt bits, though.

Quick version of what I did, based on a recipe that is no longer on the web…

Heat 2 Tbsp veg oil in a large frying pan; add 1 1/2 Tbsp curry sauce (I used Pathak’s Madras Curry) and heat a minute or so, then add one yellow onion, chopped large, and cook till the onion is soft – several minutes. Add one can coconut milk and cook about 8 minutes. (I turned it up it too hot – medium is good – and had to add some water later to thin it – worked fine). Add the grilled eggplant (slices cut into 1? or 3/4″ or so chunks) and one large red pepper, cut into 1″ or so pieces. Also add 2 tsp fish sauce, and 2 tsp sugar. Cook a few minutes, and add 20 medium Thai basil leaves (recipe calls for 10 large basil leaves). [I turned it off and let it sit at this point for a bit, which is an option but unnecessary.] Serve over Thai jasmine rice in heated bowls. wine130718D thought it wanted to have been salted, but I didn’t. Without the salted grilled eggplant slices, some salting in cooking might be advisable.

I cooked up 1 1/2 ups of Thai jasmine rice to serve this with (including the leftovers).

We had a teeny bit of the Acme Italian batard left, which was good for polishing off the last of the sauce in the plates. D chose a wine that R got us at Grocery Outlet – put it in the freezer, and then I made up an ie bath for it, so it did end up cold enough in short order. Vin d’Alsace 2008, Helfrich Pinot Gris. We liked it a lot, and will get more. It went well with the curry, and we think it would be good with Thai food, which we occasionally get to take out. And it cost $3.99.

dessert-130718Ooo, dessert! We had two good sized pieces of “mace cake” left over this morning, but I had half of mine with my coffee.  Just as well – it’s not great for me to have a large dessert late at night. D served up the last of the mace cake with some strawberries from the Grand Lake farmers’ market, and the last of the sour cream, with vanilla and a bit of sugar in it. Delicious end to the day!

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