Spaghetti with cranberry beans, arugula, and pecorino romano; romano beans – 26 July 2013

D bought some cranberry shell beans at the Bowl on I think Wednesday. Yesterday I got home and found the shelled and in the fridge; today, I got home and found them in a pan, cooked to perfection.

main130726He boiled them in water with garlic cloves and rosemary, probably for a bit over a half hour, salting near the end, and then left them in their liquid. He reheated these beans in a bit more water (looked like) and tossed in a few romano beans on top to cook. They acquired a wonderful flavor from the cooking liquid.

130726-settingD mashed up some of the cranberry beans and tossed the cooked spaghetti in them, plus olive oil and bean cooking water. He served the pasta with whole the cooked beans, some more of the wild arugula I bought last week and prepped a few days ago, and plate of shaved pecorino romano to strew over the top. Delicious pasta! 


We had almost the end of the Acme Italian Batard, and the second and last bottle of Villa Annalisa 2007  Rosso Conero that we were given instead of the wine we originally ordered at North Berkeley Wine’s sale (Rosso Piceno). This was pretty good, but not exciting at all, which is something we would expect for the price (originally about $20).

130726-dessertFor dessert, we had the second and last pear I got on Tuesday from Woodleaf Farm, at the Berkeley farmers’ market. Terrific pear!


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