Everything soup and a bit of cheddar – 28 July 2013

D decided to use up the lamb broth I made out of the scraps and bones from the lamb chops last week. He used the tops of the leeks that I had also painstakingly cleaned for future stock use, some farmers’ market carrots that had gotten a bit wubbly, juniper berries, and peppercorns to make a stock. Then he added most everything in the kitchen to make a soup.

main130728Well, actually, it was just:

  • the insides of the leek tops, which I kept, separately, for edible use, some onion, and mushrooms, cooked in butter and oil and added to the soup
  • some Thai basil from the garden
  • some leftover black rice from last night
  • some Piri-piri sauce (hot), salt, pepper, and a peeled and seeded Roma tomato.

wine130728-sideI expressed an interest in having some actual protein for dinner, and he suggested bread and cheese (at which point we remembered to defrost the last chunk of the Acme Long Italian loaf from last night, after having two sandwiches from the bit we defrosted for lunch) and I got out the tiny bit – one bite each – of Sierra 6 1/2 year cheddar (forgot to take a picture of that) that I got at The Cheese Board on my last visit. There was no other “eating cheese” in the cheese bin in the fridge, so then D got the idea of adding an egg to the soup, as he does with avgolemmono. He stirred some of the broth into one egg, then stirred the egg into the soup. All in all, it was a successful soup. D commented that it wanted sausage, and decided to add one of our frozen Christopher Lee boudin blanc sausages to the rest of the soup when we have it again.



When we were about to leave the Vintage Berkeley wine tasting on Friday evening, R called my attention to a bottle of Slovenian white wine (I’m half Slovenian) which proclaimed it was the village wine in its part of Slovenia. Also, it was a liter and only $15 for that – so I added it to the case purchase we were making (so it was something like 15% off that). The wine turns out to be slightly on the sweet side – went well enough with the soup, but we really think it would be good for Thai food – talk about ‘fusion cuisine’! – so we may order out from Anchalee tomorrow just for the heck of it. The wine is Jarenincan by Crnko (2012).  



We had pressed sandwiches on the Acme long Italian, with the top sliced off and the loaf split horizontally. Kentucky Legend ham, Ementhaler cheese D got at the Bowl, and the really great “champagne” (it has no champagne and nothing to do with champagne) mustard I got from Honey Baked Hams in December. The only reason I bring up lunch is that we had a Pear Cider that R found at Grocery Outlet. It was a great match for the salty sandwich, though I can imagine a lot of beer food it would not go with well at all. Good stuff!


This was actually the dessert fro dinner, but we had even smaller pieces after lunch – the delicious apple tarte tatin that D made yesterday.

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