Everything soup with even more things; fava beans with pecorino romano – 30 July 2013

The other night when D made this soup from lamb stock and a bunch of other things, he remarked that addind sausage – in particular, Christopher Lee’s boudin blanc – would make the soup really great. He was right.

main130730Tonight he reheated the leftover soup and added more of the black rice. He also defrosted one boudin blanc, cut it into rounds and cooked them in olive oil rather briefly (the sausage is fully cooked already) and added them to the soup. I spotted some brand new parsley leaves, too, I’m sure. Wow, it was terrific!

130730-settingHe also took the peels off the rest of the favas that he blanched a day or two ago and served these simply, just shaving pecorino romano over the top. Delicious again, though I think I would have liked a bit more of the cheese.


We almost finished the Acme Italian Batard tonight – just an end left, which will probably turn into croutons – or if we’re inept about it, compost 😦

D brought up a bottle of Trader Joe’s Valreas, a Cotes du Rhone Villages priced at $5.99. We have loved it for years, though I think this vintage wants breathing ore than previous ones. A terrific wine deal from TJ’s, though.

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