Mixed leftovers over pasta; fabulous cheese – 4 August 2013

D was not here for dinner – or lunch, for that matter – so I found myself looking in the fridge, worrying about what was going to go bad. I boiled and then froze the lamb stock we made, decided to use his idea of mixing the cranberry beans with the tomato sauce for dinner, but was stuck on what to do with the black rice – could not freeze well… oh dear. Finally came to me (duh) eat it! So I had that for lunch.

Dinner first, as usual: I mixed the rest of D’s tomato sauce – the one with the rosemary by accident – and the cranberry beans, the last of which he’d carefully retained for this experiment.

main130804I actually called him to ask if he had intended to use the cranberry bean liquid as well as the beans themselves, and he said yes, so I mixed the entire bean container with the entire tomato sauce container, added some water so they could boil without drying out, and heated them for all the time that the spaghetti water heated and the spaghetti cooked.  I made myself about 1 1/2 oz of dried pasta – in fact, precisely 40 pieces of spaghetti (I counted, yes. In fact there were 39, so I added one…) That’s less than a standard serving – about 3/4, in fact – but I was having cheese, and had defrosted the end of a long Italian from Acme, so I knew I didn’t need much pasta. It was a good combination, but not fabulous. I’ll bet D will add just the right thing to make it scrumptious tomorrow 🙂

130804-cheeseCheese: The Cheese Board is on vacation this week. Aaack! On Thursday I bought some cheeses to keep us during the drought – though if I’d been officially cooking, I would have bought more! I have some Gustosella buffalo mozz in case Dirty Girl Produce has tomatoes on Tuesday. And then I bought this last one on spec, thinking .. well, why not? It was perfectly delicious, though it turns out the wine didn’t love this cheese. Actually, it looked better with the plate after I took off its ribbon, but the ribbon does give information. It’s Besace du Berger Chevre Feuille. We just call it “moldy mountain.”

I had the very end of a leftover wine – probably Valreas, from the 30th? – and a 1/3 bottle of the Vaucluse I opened Thursday. Good wines, though not necessarily ideal for the meal.


lunchmain130804Nothing remarkable. I was trying to figure out how to keep the black rich from going bad… mix into the pasta sauce? no… freeze it? no… oh hey, EAT IT! So I cut up a small bit of onion and cooked that in olive oil, added four thin slices, cut into bits, of Columbus salsice secce, and then the rice. I salted a bit (a bit too much, actually, but not a problem). Had a tiny bread end from the freezer, which I warmed at 350 in the toaster oven to unfreeze it, and then, it being toasty and warm, buttered a bit. One more of the teeny avocados, so I ate what was still good of that. The yellow stuff is a cheese they were tasting at the Bowl when I went: Old Rotterdam (De Rotterdamsche Oude, “Aged over 10 months, product of Holland”). It was perfectly delicious, so I bought some.

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