Caprese – 21 August 2013

I made a Caprese, using Dirty Girl Produce dry-farmed early girl tomatoes, and Gustosella mozzarella di bufala from The Cheese Board. I bought those yesterday, and also the basil (organic, it seems) from Berkeley Bowl. The capers and the Costco anchovies were in the fridge.

main130821I cut two balls of fresh mozz in half, then cut the halves 90 degrees to the first cut, making 6 little half-moons for each half (a bit more than 1/8″ thick, but probably (?) less than 1/4″. OK, I ate the teeny end piece from each of the four 🙂 I let these drain about an hour on a sloping cutting board so they would not get the plates all milky, and also b/c during this time they would come to room temperature, and would therefore release more flavors. I cut 4 early girls into 6 slices each (vertically) and also ate the extra bits on the edges that were too small for the salad. One tomato only made 4 slices, not 6 – little guy. I arranged the drained cheese and the tomato slices, and then stuck either whole, smallish leaves or torn parts of large ones from the basil that was washed yesterday and sitting in a glass of water on the island. I cut about 1 1/2 anchovy fillets in oil (Costco) into about two dozen small pieces overall, and dropped them at intervals around the circle, and also spread perhaps two dozen capers around the two plates. I salted gently around the circle, ground on some pepper, and used a teaspoon (like, the kind you use for tea) to drizzle on about 2 tsp olive oil for each salad. That’s it. We had a bit of leftover Acme Sweet Rustic Baguette from Monday, and that was plenty for dinner.

wine130821R, based on his own bottle of it, suggested we try Atlantis (2010), a wine we got at a Vintage Berkeley wine tasting last month, with fresh tomatoes. Fortunately he reminded us of this today.  It says a variety of things on the label: Protected Geographical Indication Cyclades. Estate Argyros Santorini. 90% Mandilaria, 10% Mavrotragano. New to us! We thought it was a great call by R – the wine really loved the basil, in addition to the predicted tomatoes. We think we should try this with a Greek salad now during tomato season.

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