Ligurian pork chop; Thai jasmine rice; Romano beans – 23 August 2013

This is almost a recipe from Recipes from Paradise by Fred Plotkin. main130823I forgot that it calls for marinating the boneless pork chop (Costco, 1 1/2″ or so thick) before then cooking it in the marinade (plus olives). I got home late, and just seared the chop in butter, mixed the liquids, and added the solid ingredients while the chop cooked (turning the chop periodically so both sides got to be in the liquid). 3/8 cup white wine (TJ’s 2 Buck Chuck Chard), 2 Tbsp olive oil, 1 Tbsp white wine vinegar, one clove garlic cut into matchsticks, and a bunch of thyme, chopped (calls for 1 Tbsp). Supposed to marinate in that. Cooking, you add the olives, which in this case were 1/3 cup (good amount) Kalamatas from the Bowl, each halved lengthwise then cut into thirds crosswise (i.e. 6 pcs). I cooked up 3/4 cup of Thai jasmine rice b/c that was what we had (2x water), and also a pile of Romano beans, trimmed, washed, and cut into about bite-sized pieces. I boiled them about 3 1/2 minutes, then pulled them out of the salted water and dumped it, and put a Tbsp or so of butter into the hot pan to melt. Just before serving (not long after the beans were drained) wine130823I tossed them into the butter and salted a bit, stirred and cooked briefly in butter, then served. I mounded up rice on the side of the plate, sliced the pork chop and served half of it to each of us, then put most of the cooking liquid with olives over both. It’s a delicious recipe, and I should note on it that not marinating for 2 hours actually works just fine.

D brought up the Ventoux we got at the North Berkeley Wines 50% off sale earlier this year. It wanted breathing, but ultimately was quite good. Martinelle 2009. Amusingly, the alcohol content seems to depend on whether you look at the front label which seems to be original (14.5%) or the back, which is apparently from the importer (13%).

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