Geek salad – 25 August 2013

Which is to say, almost a Greek salad but not quite. Whatever the heck it was, it was great!

main130825We didn’t have any feta, but we pretty much had everything else for a Greek salad, and D, having had a long day with lots of travel, thought he would just make that. But he didn’t want to stop at the Bowl for feta. He looked in the fridge and came up with this wonderful everything-salad. Here’s what was in it:

Persian cucumber; kalamata olives; the other half of the red bell pepper I did not use in the half recipe of sofrito last night; a sliver of green pepper, overbought on spec for last night’s dinner; the last three early girls from Dirty Girl Produce from last Tuesday’s market; celery; 5 or 6 leaves of basil; oregano from the garden; thin sliced yellow onion left over (I cut too much) from my pizza; four padron peppers from the Saturday market last week. He took maybe 1 1/2″ from an ancient log of Costco goat cheese, which I didn’t like and therefore pretended wasn’t there, and chopped it into the salad, but it had no integrity and therefore “turned to mush”. D got out some coppa from the freezer. This was a coppa end from a bag R got us at Grocery Outlet – $4 for a pound of coppa ends. He cooked it a bit and put it at the edge of the salad, being unsure whether it should be part of the salad or an accompaniment. It really did go well in the salad. He made a dressing of olive oil, red wine vinegar, juice of half a lemon, and the “mush” aspect of the goat cheese made it more a part of the dressing than a part of the salad.

Even if it wasn’t quite a Greek salad, D decided to have the best of the Riojas from last night – he had set aside a half bottle of each (since we had four wines and three people). We also had 1/4 bottle of the Sonoma Oaks wine from last week. Also, we had a bit more of the Acme Pain au Levain from last night.

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