Spaghetti with Roma tomatoes, coppa, and Romano beans – 26 August 2013

I was so happy with this dinner! Partly b/c I didn’t have to make it – it just appeared, with my having to contribute only table-cleaning and water-lemoning-and-pouring – but mostly b/c it was really, really delicious!

main130826D came home while I was working on a handout, and immediately put pasta water on to boil. Then he apparently cut up onion and coppa and cooked those a bit, added the two Roma tomatoes I didn’t use on the 24th, which had no obvious fate, added parsley and Greek oregano from the garden, and salted and peppered the lot. He had planned to cook Romano beans on the side and butter them, but he decided just to add in cut pieces of Romanos. They were slightly crunchy, and very nice. D was a bit unhappy he had not put the Romanos on the side, but I was perfectly pleased with the dinner. It really was scrumptious.

130826-settingWe had 1/2 bottle of the Bodega Palacio Tempranillo (2009) from the 24th, and also 1/4 bottle (half of what remains) of the “Glorioso” 2006, which was quite lovely. I think we should definitely get more of the Glorioso, even though it is the most expensive.

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