Garden salad with ham and eggs – 1 September 2013

D made a delicious salad, using whatever he found in the fridge. Of course, the fridge is pretty full at this point…

main130901He started with a bed of romaine, and added tomatoes from Tomatero Farm from the Grand Lake market yesterday, radishes, salad turnips, carrots, the last of the ham he got out of the freezer yesterday, and hard boiled eggs. bread130901He made a dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, chopped hard boiled eggs, a bit of the “champagne” mustard that I bought with the honey-baked ham – very good but has nothing to do with champagne – salt and pepper.  He also started a no-knead bread yesterday afternoon – had at least a little Grape Nuts fines in it, and likely other stuff besides unbleached flour – and of course it was beautiful and delicious!

wine130901We tasted the wine, and I realized it would be great with peaches, of which we have quite a few at the moment. So we had one fig and one peach, split between us, for dessert.

The wine was a pricey one from Vintage Berkeley’s Greek wine tasting a month or so ago. It was quite interesting and delicious, and did indeed go very well with the peach, as with the salad. D commented that it was still entirely itself when drunk with the peach.

130901-peachpiefromRCBR called to tell us to check out the sunset, and to warn of imminent pie – which he delivered about 10pm, leaving it all for us (in our pie tin, it was, which he was returning). Peaches from the Grand Lake market, in an excellent, delicious and crisp-tender crust. Great pie!

My fig:


lunchmain130901We had leftover beans and rice, with more of the sofrito, judging from the photo (adding this the 7th), and an array of fruits and veggies, which looked very pretty together stacked on the tray to bring to the sun room.

130901-lunchprettyveggiesandfruitsLooks like we had leftover wine from last week…  Another view of the veggies:


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