Gazpacho; bruschettae; cheese – 5 September 2013

main130905D had intended to put croutons on a salad, after promising me the leftover, drying bread would not go to waste – but he forgot. He decided to have them on the last of the gazpacho, which is actually suggested in the recipe for the soup. He made the croutons by sauteeing the bread chunks in some olive oil, with I htink just salt and pepper. He also made bruschetta with the new Acme bread loaf he bought (Italian Batard) and more of the cranberry beans, which he partly mashed with some olive oil. He made bruschetta with tomatoes and basil, too. Actually, I think I made the tomato/basil concoction that night (writing this the 7th). wine130905He toasted the bread on the grill. We had more of the Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar, b/c D was especially pleased at how it went with the soup.

D also bought these cute little grapes at the Bowl and we had them for dessert. They were delicious. I think they were just called red grapes of some kind. Seedless (not that there would have been room for seeds).

We had another tester wine from Grocery Outlet, a Nero d’Avola called Masseria del Fauno 2010. It also says Ananta. We liked this one, and intend to go back for more.

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