Spaghetti with tomato sauce, coppa and mushrooms; bruschettae – 6 September 2013

D loves to make a batch of fresh tomato sauce, and then change it in its leftover incarnations. Tonight he took the sauce with mushrooms that he made on the 3rd, and added more mushrooms, and also a bunch of coppa, thin sliced from the end chunks R found us at Grocery Outlet. It was a delicious sauce!

main130906He reran the bruschettae, which was fine, b/c they were excellent: bread grilled on the indoor grill, served both with tomatoes with basil (salt and pepper) which he seemed to have made at lunchtime and left in the fridge, and with cranberry beans mashed with olive oil.

wine130906Wine problems: We were going to have a 2010 Savigny-les-Beaune from Les Picotins. It was corked! Just slightly – in fact, as is not unusual, I didn’t think so till I retasted it on the 7th (which is when I’m writing this). But D is more sensitive to cork, and he declared the bottle wine to cook with 😦 So he brought up a bottle of Amour de Fruit – corked, too! Finally a Martinelle Ventoux passed muster. All three of these bottles were from the North Berkeley Wines 50% off sale last summer. I really do like our former house wine, a Ventoux that we can’t get any more, better than this one: Chateau Saint-Sauveur, where are you?


Much later, D delivered me a tiny cookie from the batch E made for us, which made a lovely little dessert. These are cookies with serious staying power – we are eating them very slowly and loving every one!


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