Salad of fresh veggies – 10 September 2013

D made a nice salad for dinner. Nothing particularly unusual, just really tasty.

main130910He started with a bed of romaine. He added slices of carrots and radishes from the farmers’ market, wedges of tomatoes from Dirty Girl Produce, also from the market. He bought some dark purplish beans there, too, apparently – said they turn green when cooked, but he put them into the salad raw, so they were pretty cool-looking. One hard-boiled egg for each of us, celery… that may be it. Dressing with I think balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Croutons! D did another crouton experiment. The previous ones were way too hard on the teeth, so he tried soaking these in milk, and, instead of baking them, he cooked them in a pan. He eventually took them out of the first pan, which was dampened by milk, and moved them to another, I think with butter, so the croutons would crisp up, which they did, nicely. They were quite tasty. OK, i wonder what else I’ve forgotten – he also added some thin-sliced and cooked coppa, which added little bits of deliciousness when you bit into them.

wine130910We had more of the Acme Italian Batard, and a Trader Joe’s wine we enjoy called Trentatre (=33) Rosso from 2011. Besides the fact that it tastes good and costs very little, this wine is cool b/c it has it’s name on the label in Braille (“33 Rosso”). The pic has just the “rosso”.







I decided to raid the freezer for the last of the “killer bars,” a gift from our friend L. Who is not interested in passing on the recipe (probably a good thing for our health 😉 ) But in case we want to try to sort it out: first either thick chocolate cake or brownies; caramel next layer, something whitish… not a nougat, but not sure what, and then M&Ms – great touch! The top is like the bottom. M&Ms and caramel framed in chocolate. Oh wait… looks like there are nuts in the chocolate. Also, is there a layer of chocolate sauce or something on top of the bottom chocolate brownie layer? Killer, indeed  🙂


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