Soup with potatoes, mushrooms, cranberry beans, and parsley; cheese and veggies – 18 Sept 2013

D thought he was going to make his signature pasta with mushrooms, pine nuts, and parsley, but he changed his mind and used some beef broth and some other (?) broth he found in the fridge to make a soup.


He cut up the Yukon Gold potatoes in our cupboard that wanted eating, sliced some mushrooms, and shelled cranberry beans, and tossed them into the broth. He strewed parsley leaves over the top, and likely put some into the soup, too. R gave us some parsley, so we have quite a lot at the moment. The soup was tasty, though a bit oversalted. D is going to add some potatoes to soak up the salt, and expand the soup a bit for another day.


130918-veggiecheeseplateHe added protein by cutting up the last of the Old Amsterdam cheese I bought a few weeks ago, and the Welch cheddar he likes so much. He split two tomatoes from the Dirty Girl Produce early girls he bought at the Berkeley farmers’ market yesterday, and added some picholine olives, bought at some point in the fairly recent past at the Bowl. Good dinner 🙂






We had the beginnings of an Acme Itaian Batard with dinner. Looks quite bunny-ish this time. Also had two leftover wines – the Medoc from last night, and probably the Trentatre from last week (had an Italian cork – I don’t remember the wine well enough to identify it otherwise, but it’s really tasty


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