Spaghetti with cranberry beans, mushrooms, pinenuts, and parsley – 18 October 2013

D cooked a variant of hs signature pasta tonight. He added cranbery beans to his usual recipe.

main131018He cooked the fresh cranberry beans yesterday, in water with rosemary and garlic for about a half hour, then salted them and left them in the pan for a bit, and refrigerated them in their cooking liquid. 131018-taken17th-cranberrybeansandshellsHe cooked these beans, along with pine nuts and mushrooms and a bit of parsley, in olive oil, and served over spaghetti. The topping needed salt and pepper, and D still thought it was missing something. He had taken out the prosciutto but put it back unused, and we both thought that would have been a good addition. I suggested pecorino Romano, and he decided to add that, given it is the usual topping for his recipe, which is this minus the cranberry beans. It was a delicious pasta.

131018-closeupWe also had slices of an Acme Italian Batard that D bought this morning at the Bowl.

For dessert we had 1/8 of a chocolate chip cookie leftover from our “bio party” this afternoon, and one slice each from a small chocolate bread/cake loaf I bought at The Cheese Board, when buying mozzarella di bufala and cheddar for the weekend’s dinners.

wine131018We had our long lost, recently returned, Friday wine, and it was a pleasure to have it: Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. This is a 2010, which we bought (2 cases) at Costco recently. Love this wine 🙂

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