M’s Tomato Soup; broccolini; deviled eggs; mushrooms – 20 November 2013

It’s finally getting rainy and grey, so I decided to make a fresh tomato soup with most of the tomatoes D got at the farmers’ market Tuesday. These are the usual: Dirty Girl Produce dry-farmed early girls. They’re pretty tiny, so 18 of them made only small bowls of soup for D and me. This after cooking down, but also adding cream.

main131120Our friend M made a fresh tomato soup while here a couple years ago, and last month when they were visiting again, I asked him to coach me through it. My notes are minimal, but so are the directions. First, loosen the skins form the tomatoes by dropping in boiling water; M insists this be exactly one minute, no more. So that’s what I did, putting three batches of tomatoes in sequentially so as not to depress the temperature of the water too much. Given two options: 1) peel, seed, then Cuise, or 2) Cuise, I went for the latter. After putting the tomatoes through the Cuisinart, then put through a food mill with its finest filter, so as to remove all the skins and seeds. Cook down at a low simmer till thicker – 20 to 30 minutes – then add cream to taste. I salted and peppered a couple of times. You can add other things as desired, for example, basil. I didn’t, but might in future. Now what I need to find out is what those tomatoes cost if you buy a ton of them at once.

setting131120D also bought broccolini at the farmers’ market, and I made half of it for us. Directions I developed previously: cut up stems and also the leaflets; but stems into boiling basket and immerse; 1 1/2 minutes later, add the leaflets, 1 1/2 minutes after that, remove; add butter to the (dried) pan, and toss the broccolini in it, adding salt.

131120-deviledeggsI boiled a couple of extra eggs the other day when I needed two of them (when was that??) and decided they’d make a good protein dish to go with the tomato soup. I popped or scooped out the yolks, broke them up with a fork, added a bit (1/4 tsp?) of Dijon mustard (Grey Poupon), and perhaps 4-5 times as much mayonnaise, mixed well, and returned in balls to the egg whites. I sprinkled on some paprika b/c I thought it would look pretty.

131120-mushroomsandtomatoesandwineD made us some mushrooms, cooked in butter with a bit of rosemary, as an appetizer, mostly just b/c he wanted some.

wine131120Made a good excuse to open the wine for “cooking wine.” D chose the other red we bought at The Wine Mine on Saturday at their Rioja tasting, this Torremon Tempranillo (100%, no oak) 2012, from Ribera del Duero ($12). I thought it needed breathing – more than it had at the start, for sure – and that it was not as happy with tomatoes as it might have been with something else; however, after some bread, still sipping the last glass, I did really enjoy this. D also bought us an Acme Long Italian loaf, which was great as usual.

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