Omelettes with Monterey Jack, salsa, and avocado; radish greens – 21 November 2013

D and R had salsa at lunch earlier in the week, and with too little left over for more nachos, I suggested I make my favorite omelettes for dinner. I bought a mega Haas avocado at the Bowl a few days ago, and it was perfectly ripe today. I added three tiny early girl tomatoes from D’s Tuesday purchase from Dirty Girl Produce to the leftover salsa. I cut up the avocado into 12 slices, six for each of us (though my little omelette made them look quite outsized!)main131121cropBCSelSatI mixed one egg for me, two for D at his request, with splashes of milk, four shakes of salt for me and eight for him (specific to our shaker, obviously) and some grinds of pepper, and mixed well. I heated butter in a hot frying pan and tossed in D’s omelette, and pulled up the edges to allow more egg to seep under, till most of the egg was drying and cooking. Then I turned to low, covered the pan, and did the same sequence with my omelette. I grated the cheese over half of D’s omelette and returned the pan cover till the cheese melted, then did mine the same. 


Then covered the cheese with spoon-drained salsa on both omelettes, and left till the salsa was heated and would not make the omelette cold. Finally, I folded over each omelette and flipped onto a plate heated in the oven, and topped with avocado wedges. I LOVE this omelette! Meanwhile, D cooked the radish greens I had washed up, from a bunch of radishes D bought at the farmers’ market. He suggested using some of the recently-generated bacon fat, and we did that. [I put this under vegetarian and meatless b/c 1) you could easily cook the greens with something else, and 2) nothing else has meat in it and the omelette is worth veggies knowing about!] He also monitored the Acme Pain au Levain slices in the toaster oven, and buttered them (minimally) while I babysat the omelettes. Everything in this meal has to be done at once!


D chose an “Ol’ Red” for dinner, and it was fine with the omelettes. We really like this wine. D thought he detected a cherry flavor in it this time. We get this at Grocery Outlet for something like $3.99.

That bread looks like a mean old cuss, I must say.


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