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Cheese, bread, and veggies for a simple New Year’s Eve dinner – 31 December 2013

D suggested we have bread and cheese for New Year’s Eve, to go with another bottle of the Claiborne and Churchill dry gewurtztraminer we had a couple of days ago (bought at Berkeley Bowl sometime last year). I went to … Continue reading

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Two sagey things – 30 December 2013

I still had a lot of the pre-Christmas herbs in water on the kitchen island, and went looking for recipes to use up the sage. From this blog, I encountered a pasta I had made previously that is a mashup … Continue reading

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Pizza with radicchio, endive, walnuts, and Roquefort – 27 December 2013

This is a pizza I invented, based on a pasta recipe in Weber’s “Art of the Grill.” Basically: grated mozzarella, then endive, radicchio and walnut pieces, more mozzarella and dots of good Roquefort, bake; top with chopped parsley and walnut … Continue reading

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Lamb chops with “Lamb Merlot” marinade; kale with bacon; cannellini beans – 25 December 2013

Normally we would have a big feast that requires multiple cooks on Christmas, but with the guys engaged in a construction project-with-deadline, I was pretty much it till dark, so D and I settled on a fairly simple meal to … Continue reading

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Polenta with greens and red peppers; salad with avocados and olives – 21 December 2013

This is a fantastic recipe (one of many) from Georgeanne Brennan’s Potager. It makes great leftovers, too (see tomorrow’s lunch!) You make polenta (salted water:polenta = 6:1), stirring frequently over about 40 minutes. You are supposed to add grated white … Continue reading

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Risotto with mushrooms and rosemary – 13 December 2013

I needed only a cup from the Swanson’s chicken stock can for the cream of asparagus soup on the 8th, so there were 5 cups left. When tucking the can into the fridge, I mentioned to D the possibility of … Continue reading

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Geatest finger-food party ever – 12 December 2013

Every year we are invited to this wonderful party at a local firm. They have such great food, and it is always fun to visit their offices and see what they’ve been working on, and meet their other friends, colleagues, … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with defrosted tomato sauce – 11 December 2013

D cooked (finally… doing photography in the basement till 8:30 or so…) more of the spaghetti sauce I defrosted the other day, adding mushrooms and some Columbus salsiccie secche from the Bowl – a dry sausage. It was quite tasty, … Continue reading

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Wood-fired oven pizza at a holiday party – 10 December 2013

Tonight was our annual “holiday party” at work, and I knew I wouldn’t want to eat much at home after the inevitable banquet of goodies at the party. There was less variety this year, but there was quite a treat … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with defrosted tomato sauce; Brussels sprouts – 9 December 2013

Knowing I would be home late, I took a vat of tomato sauce fromĀ  freezer last night and put it in the fridge. The sauce seems to have been made on the 12th of November, from fresh tomatoes (no doubt … Continue reading

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Cream of celery soup; baby bok choi – 8 December 2013

I made this soup using a semi-recipe online friend B, but I’m sure I’m missing something. In particular, I don’t get a strong celery taste, though there are many more celery pieces per cubic centimeter than in the canned celery … Continue reading

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Chevre, tomato sauce and olives; sugar snap peas – 7 December 2013

I decided on this dinner b/c D was going to be arriving late at the airport and I needed something I could cook quickly after picking him up, and also b/c we had a lot of goat cheese that wanted … Continue reading

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Soup with turkey, potatoes, and snap peas; tomatoes; Welsh cheddar – 3 December 2013

D used up two peanut butter jars of turkey stock on a very nice soup. He sauteed onions and garlic, added the stock and chunked potatoes, and leftover turkey. He boiled for 15 minutes, then added sugar snap peas, which … Continue reading

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