Wood-fired oven pizza at a holiday party – 10 December 2013

Tonight was our annual “holiday party” at work, and I knew I wouldn’t want to eat much at home after the inevitable banquet of goodies at the party. There was less variety this year, but there was quite a treat in the form of a pizza truck, complete with rolling wood-fired oven, producing Margheritas, and Margheritas with sausage and olives, or with pepperoni, throughout the afternoon.

main131210The pizza pieces were on the small side, but quite good. There was also salad, which I had, and a pasta salad that I had before I went out to get some pizza. Then there were dessert goodies – petits fours, minicheesecakes with cranberries and nuts, and plain old delicious sugar cookies. wine131210-1There was wine for the asking, but since I would be driving home less than two hours after leaving, I tried only one glass of Barefoot Pinot Grigio (unexciting) and Menage a Trois by Folie a Deux (2011) with dinner, and then contented myself with the delicious little desserts and the good company.


Dinner 2:


D knew I might not want dinner, and then again I might, so he made a simple and expandable meal. He boiled potatoes and then refried, I think with onions. He made yogurt and cucumbers, putting in some lemon peel (which was great the first night but got rather bitter in leftovers) and I think shallots. I couldn’t resist having small bites, and a bit of the “Ol’ Red” (from Grocery Outlet) that he had chosen for the mea

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