Geatest finger-food party ever – 12 December 2013

Every year we are invited to this wonderful party at a local firm. They have such great food, and it is always fun to visit their offices and see what they’ve been working on, and meet their other friends, colleagues, and clients.

main131212-1We entered this time near a cubicle with Greek food – dolmas, and also phyllo dough creations stuffed with beef or chicken, and rolled sandwiches – one veggie that had tomatoes and cream cheese, another with lox. Terrific tastes!

main131212-2Then I made it to the dim sum room, but not before finding myself at a table with pizza bits, and a suchi table with a wrapped lettucey thing and a rice concoction wrapped around asparagus. Terrific!.

main131212-3I missed some of the dim sum that I’d been told not to miss, so went back for these teeny veggie rolls, but also managed to pass the pizza tray again and got a couple more tiny pieces. I saw a caterer walk by with a delectable looking tray of foccacia, and managed to find the tray and have a piece with basil, parmaggiano, and scallions on it – tasty, but it was cold, and would have been better hot.

131212-dessertI usually skip dessert, but managed to get into that room finally this year. The teensy star was superb. Minty things – the pretzel-shaped one and the a white-topped square not in the photo – were extra good. Also a mousse by a friend’s husband, a chocolate, and some classic Christmas cookies, with some quite good decaf to round the whole thing out.

wine131212I tried three of the wines – first a 2011 Central Coast Pinot from Mac Murray that both D and R raved about, though I was less delighted by it. Then I had a Kim Crawford 2013 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, which we’ve gotten from Costco previously. It was really good, but there are much cheaper, really good Marlborough SBs at Trader Joe’s. Finally I had a 2012 zin from Cline marked “Ancient vines,” which I doubt, it being, Californian, and indeed, from the next County over (Contra Costa) but I guess their version of “ancient” could be relative to the time wine drinkers have lived in California…

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