Risotto with taleggio, dinosaur kale, and slow-cooked parsnips – 1 January 2014

main140101I spotted this recipe – by its photo, of course – in the 2013 Dicembre edition of La Cucina Italiana, which I get for D. This is the Italian version, which not only is in Italiano, but also has different recipes from the US/English version. D thought the recipe sounded good, so we bought the materials on the 30th, and he did most of the cooking – he being good at risotti.

setting140101Two pre-preps:

170 g (a bunch) of dinosaur kale, aka cavolo nero – cut out the stems, wash the leaves very well, cut or tear into large pieces (mine were maybe 2″ or less on a side). Boil 5-6 minutes, then put into cold water to stop the cooking. OTOH, we started the kale cooking late enough that it could just be tossed into the risotto without the cold water bath (which I had already made up…).

140 g – but at least double this! – parsnips. 140g was about one large root, and we used that for out two servings, and are bound to keep that high parsnip/risotto ratio in the future. I peeled the parsnip with a carrot peeler, then sliced into rounds, something between 1/8″ and 1/4″ thick. These are cooked very slowly in butter (D says took about 20 minutes) and a bit of sugar and white wine vinegar are added at the end. The parsnip pieces along with the cooking juices are spooned/scraped onto the plated risotto.

About a pound of Taleggio. We used half of this, and only the soft part.

About a pound of Taleggio. We used half of this, and only the soft part.

The risotto itself is cooked normally, starting with half an onion (D used a red one) and oil. The rice (arborio rice/ riso) is coted with the oil and then stock is added bit by bit while stirring the rice in the pan. D used some unlabeled stock he found in the fridge, plus some veggie boullion – more than 2 cups, with the 320 g (about 1 3/4 cups) riso. At the end, taleggio, cut into a large dice (this is no mean trick – it’s a soft cheese!) is stirred in.


Serve in heated bowls (you can use the kale water to heat them if the timing is right), and top with the parsnip pieces and their cooking juices.

The recipe calls for a rose (“rosato”), but we don’t have one. Instead, D chose a Greek wine we got at a tasting at Vintage Berkeley last year, from the winery Tetramythos: Roditis; protected designation of origin, patras. I won’t pretend I can correctly parse all that. It was good but not the kind of synergy we encountered last night with the dry gewurtz and the cheeses. We finished off the Cheese Board City Batard I bought on the 30th – it was somewhat dried, but still entirely edible.


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