All Pizza All the Time: #2 – Dinner at Pizza Moda – 12 January 2014

D suggested we go out to a sit-down dinner tonight at Pizza Moda, which I had found through a Google search of local pizza places. It sounded great on Yelp, so we gave it a try. Yelp was right this time 🙂

main140112While nibbling at a small dish of (free) olives, we chose from the menu a pizza with gorgonzola and pears, caramelized onions, and mozzarella. D took one bite and said “We’ll be back.”  The flavors blended subtly into a marvelous whole – a perfectly delicious pizza, with an outstanding crust.

setting140112We ordered the 15″ pizza (“serves three”), but instant gratification took precedence over leftovers, and we ate it all. Don’t feel especially stuffed (stuffed, yes, but not especially stuffed). This pizza has a lot less dough than the Arizmendi 15″ pizza, so is much less filling than the one we ate only 5/8 of for dinner  on the 11th (great lunch the next day, though!)

wine140112-1D chose a white wine – Hermanos Lurton — Verdejo (Ruedo, Spain) 2010 – to have with this, and it was an excellent choice. The wines at this restaurant are all $30 or less – a remarkable and inviting fact.

Pizza Moda itself is a marvelous little place. It’s in what looks to have been a tacky, middle of the road little diner or something, which they have made into an inviting and pretty interesting little place. The servers are refreshing and pleasant and friendly. We will, indeed, be back.

I couldn’t decide between the two wine pictures, so you get both. This one was shot under/beside the little frame that serves the pizza up over the table, to save space.


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