All pizza all the time, #3 – Pizza with sopressata at Rotten City Pizza – 13 January 2014

pizza140113R originally recommended Rotten City to us quite awhile ago, and we’ve had two pizzas from them previously. One I loved, the other I was not crazy about. We decided to try a new one tonight – pizza with a “hand crafted salumi” that changes daily. Today it was soppressata, and D thought we should go for it. I found it perfectly good, but not a pizza I would lie awake craving.

setting140113The pizza has a tomato sauce base, but a subtle one, not an “in your face” sauce that many places use. RC’s “cheese blend” contains mozzarella, provolone, and parmaggiano, and I think the provolone constitutes the distinctive “RC” taste that is consistent among these pizzas. Unfortunately, I think it’s also probably the taste I’m not as crazy about. pizza140113-thincrustRottenCityThe pizza was topped with generous amounts of soppressata, with small bits of red onion scattered about. We ate about 3/4 of it (no doubt a mistake) and saved 2 pieces for lunch tomorrow. Of the three pizzas so far, the crust on this one unfortunately ranks third for enjoyment. Of course, that is an elite group to rank against 🙂 It’s (from the Yelp) New York style thin crust – the kind Jon Stewart shows you how to fold and eat like a proper New Yorker. The edge crust – again, fine but nothing extraordinary.

wine140113D chose a Bordeaux that we think was probably from Trader Joe’s. It’s a Bordeaux Superieur called Chateau Haut-Sorillon (2010), and cost only $7.99. It had a very inviting taste, and went really well with the pizza – a winning combination.

RC offered us red pepper flakes, but we had our own.

RC offered us red pepper flakes, but we had our own.

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