Catfish with rub; rices and beans; green beans – 22 January 2014

So, is this “All fish, all the time”?

main140122I came home and asked D that question but he said this is the last fish of the series. It was delicious, so we are discussing in future cooking more fish than we usually have done.

setting140122D bought catfish fillets at the Bowl with a rub already on them (not something I would expect him to do, in truth). He cooked the catfish in peanut oil on one side of the cast iron frying pan, and a rice & beans mixture on the other. He mixed the white rice from last night with the black rice from the previous night, and some pinto beans also from last night, and wine140122-beer-ale-belgianaleI’m sure I saw some parsley in there… and cooked these on the other side of the same frying pan, also in peanut oil. He boiled the rest of the discounted green beans in salted water, then added butter to the drained beans in the pan, and served them.

He decided Brother Thelonious Belgian style abbey ale would be good with the meal, and he was quite right. We have been getting this ale at Costco for a very good price. Obviously, we will buy more when we go again this week for our Turbo Tax.

Table lights reflected

Table lights reflected

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