Spaghetti with sausage and pinto beans; Brussels sprouts – 25 Jan 2014

D cooked tonight. He looked in the fridge at lunchtime and realized he should use up the pinto beans he cooked earlier in the week. He contemplated using some chicken from the freezer, but then decided to defrost a Berkeley Bowl mild Italian sausage instead.

main140125He cooked some onions slowly in olive oil, adding two whole (peeled) cloves of garlic, then put in the Berkeley Bowl mild Italian sausage, sliced. When the sausage was cooked, he added a bunch of thin-sliced fennel, and finally he added the pinto beans to heat them up, and tossed in bit of white wine. setting140125setting140125-2We added a bit of olive oil at the table, but it might have been optimal to mix the toppings with the pasta before serving, and toss in a bit of pasta cooking water to give it more coherence. It was very tasty, nevertheless. I didn’t ask about the Brussels sprouts, but he usually halves and boils them, and then butters and salts them.



D chose a Rioja we got at Grocery Outlet awhile back, and it was good, but not super. We’d had a tasting of Grocery Outlet Riojas and liked this one as I think our second choice, and I found it when I went back.



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