“Ligurian pork chops”; Thai jasmine rice; Brussels sprouts – 26 January 2014

main140126Since we were going to Costco today, and their boneless pork loin chops were on sale, I offered to cook tonight. The dinner was almost exactly the same as the 3rd of February last year!  I suggested, and D agreed that it was a good idea, that I make an extra pork chop so he would have leftovers to work with. So the pork chop recipe, including all the marinade, is what was written here: https://adinnerjournal.wordpress.com/2013/02/03/ligurian-pork-chops-thai-jasmine-rice-brussels-sprouts-2-february-2013/

Here is another version close to the same, though I used Kalamata olives that time. The recipe suggests Gaeta. I think any good olive will work.


I had bought a discount bag of little Brussels sprouts. I washed, trimmed, and halved them, boiled 5 minutes and drained, then reheated with butter, salt and pepper.

wine140126I thought we should have a white wine with this, and suggested the Kendall-Jackson chardonnay I had chosen at Costco – an old friend we had not had in a long time. I think it was not an ideal choice – the meal probably wanted something starker – but I enjoyed the wine. D thought it had a bitterness that he doesn’t like in whites, unfortunately.


lunch140126We had a Fuji apple (D’s favorite) and two cheeses: the French Roquefort from Berkeley Bowl, and also some taleggio left from D’s dinner. Both were really excellent with the apple. D cut some of the taleggio and served it over the warmed, leftover risotto0taleggio/sweet-and-sour-carrots dish he made on the 24th. What a super lunch! I think we had leftover wine with this.


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