Risotto with celery, parsley, and Humboldt Fog – 1 February 2014

D had some Humboldt Fog, a superb goat cheese from Cypress Grove, the other day, and thought it would taste really good with celery. He decided to make a risotto, and this is it.

main140201prep140201-ingredientsPre-prep included cutting up celery stalks and also pulling off celery leaves from the interior branches, and chopping a small amount of fennel leaves. He also cut both some fennel root and one parsley root very thin, and finally, one small red onion, in, to tell the truth, a rather haphazard fashion.


Here are some parsley roots, not yet cut up.

ingredient140201-parsleyrootHe cooked the onion in butter and olive oil briefly, then added a cup of arborio rice (riso), and cooked it, stirring, till “coated and glisteny” (per D), then added the first bit of stock from the freezer.


The stock is heated in a large stockpot separate from the riso, and added bit by bit. Part of this was turkey stock from Thanksgiving, the rest was an unlabeled one from the same container as last night’s. He let that cook a bit, then added maybe 1/2 cup (just splashed in) of deceased white wine R had left here for cooking some previous meal. After come cooking of the riso, and a few additions of stock, D added the celery leaves and fennel leaves, and some parsley from the tops of the roots (I guess all parsley is from the tops of roots, isn’t it?). At the end, he added in the Humboldt Fog, which melted nicely. He cooked the sliced fennel root and the parsley root in a separate pan, in butter. He served these over the top of the risotto, along with some uncooked pieces of Humboldt Fog.

Humboldt Fog, by Cypress Grove, Arcata, CA

Humboldt Fog, by Cypress Grove, Arcata, CA


wine140201It was great! He chose a CalStar wine (which, I pointed out, could make this Christmas in January – never mind it’s February and Christmas in in December, this is about the wine…) a Mendocino Ridge Chardonnay from Manchester Ridge Vineyard. This is just an outstanding wine, and I’m afraid we have only one or two left. Had more of the Acme Upstairs Bread that D bought yesterday.






As he was prepping the ingredients, D used up the few remaining Water Crackers – I would have said they were Carr’s but the pix online show a black box, and this wasn’t. They were extremely thin and perfectly delicious. Anyway, he spread a bit of Humboldt Fog onto them and even topped a couple with a parsley leaf each, as a nice little appetizer.



We also had the bread as toast for lunch, with my favorite omelette: eggs (I had only one) mile, salt and pepper, cooked in butter, then when partly done, I added grated Monterey Jack to one side and covered the pan let it melt, then added Primavera salsa, and covered the pan again to let it get warm, so it would not make the omelette cold. I folded the omelette over the salsa and cheese, then flipped it out onto a heated plate, and topped with half an avocado, sliced. The salsa was interesting and tasty (like adobo, but that was not in the ingredients list), but generally we prefer chunky, rather than blent, salsas.

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