Apple and Roquefort – 2 March 2014

main140302I was really excited when I saw that Pizza Moda still had their pear and gorgonzola pizza on the menu, and decided to have that for dinner as a carryout. When I called, however, I learned that the online menu was in error, and that pizza had seasoned out earlier in the week. I considered getting a different pizza – looked for one that would go with the last of the Kono that I had planned on having with the pear/gorgonzola one – but finally decided it was not worth going out for the drive. Looking in the fridge I found the Roquefort I had bought on spec at the Bowl on Saturday, and I had a Fuji apple on the island, so there was dinner. It was really good, too 🙂

setting140302Lunch:I actually had quite a late lunch, so was not especially hungry, which added to the decision. I went out to hunt down Girl Scout cookies at 1:3o, and then cooked some root veggies for lunch, so didn’t eat till almost 3. The root veggies consisted of most of a parsnip, some parsley roots, and some white carrots. I peeled them and washed them and dried them, then cooked slowly in butter for about 20 minutes, only occasionally putting the heat up to medium – mostly kept on med-low.

lunch-prep-140302[For future reference, the parsnip cooked slowest, though it could possibly have been that the little pieces fell to the bottom and kept the parsnip pieces off the surface of the pan. Consider starting them earlier anyway.] At the end, I stirred in a generous pinch (actually pinched, not measured this time) of sugar, and a splash or five of white wine vinegar. I couldn’t taste the vinegar, interestingly. I ate most of these, along with an eggplant sandwich (eggplant slices grilled yesterday and not used on the pizza, mayonnaise, and lettuce, on part of a Rustic baguette from Acme (I think that’s what it was) defrosted from the freezer). It was a big sandwich, and, given the lateness of lunch, it’s not a surprise that I wasn’t particularly hungry for dinner. I had the last of the little bit of — whatever 1/3 bottle was leftover from 2 weeks ago — and another bit of… whatever bottle I had 1/6 of one night – I think the Vaucluse.

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