Garlic mashed potatoes; asparagus with feta; smoked salmon salad – 10 March 2014

Once again, D arrived home with no idea what he would cook for dinner, and had an interesting and delicious meal on the table in less than 45 minutes.

main140310He found a packet of smoked salmon that someone at work (mine) had given away a month or two ago, and made that into small salads with red onion, capers, with a lemon, mayonnaise, and seedy mustard dressing on the side. Quite good! He thought that soaking the onions in cold water for a bit would have been good to tone them down; I agree, but really liked it as it was, too. This is reminiscent of a salad D had at the National Gallery of Art many years ago, and he has repeated it previously, though in a more careful match.

salad140310For the main courses, he boiled up some Yukon Gold potatoes and mashed them with minced garlic, and these went nicely with the roasted asparagus (rolled first in olive oil, salt, and pepper) with crumbled feta. Our nephew B, when he visited in November, made garlic mashed potatoes mooshing the garlic in my garlic moosher, which spread it out a bit more. D thought perhaps he should have roasted the garlic, given he was already roasting the asparagus and had the oven on – but of course, this dinner was not planned, it just came together in pieces, so afterthoughts must be filed for future occasions.

setting140310wine140310We had a 2011 DeAngelis Montepulciano d’Abruzzo that we got at a tasting at The Wine Mine. I’m updating on the 23rd, and unfortunately I didn’t record our reactions to this with the meal.

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