Radicchio with pappardelle; bruschetta with cannellini – 15 March 2014

Not sure what reminded me of this dish from Saveur, but we did have 1/4 head of radicchio and a small bit of yellow onion wanting eating, and bacon in the freezer. All that was left was to make the pasta, and grate some parmaggiano.

main140315I used 1 slice of thick-cut Niman Ranch smoked, dry-cured bacon, cut into matchsticks, 1 pinch of salt – which should have been a lot more – 2 Tbsp of pasta cooking water in the final mix – again, which should have been a lot more… keep half a cup of cooking liquid till you’re sure.

setting140315For the pasta, I used (as always) Paul Bertolli’s recipe: one cup flour, one large egg, make into a pasta and knead, adding as little water as possible to make the dough come together. Let sit, wrapped (use waxed paper – it’s compostable) for at least an hour, and roll. I cut the dough into 6 pieces and rolled to 6 on my Atlas, making sure the sheets were pretty short, so the pasta would not be in huge long pieces – which are amusing till you actually try to eat them. The pasta went into the cooking water (for about 5 minutes) shortly after it was cut.

140315-prepwine140315The bruschetta was made using cannellini D cooked up with garlic and rosemary a few days ago. We had Acme Sourdough Batard, and I cut two slices, just toasted them and drizzled with olive oil, mashed some cannellini to be glue and left others unmashed, but salted the lot and microwaved them to warm them.

The wine was a gift from  a former student, and went great with this meal. We really enjoyed it! We left it open for perhaps 1 1/2 hours before serving, which was a good idea.




D put together a nice lunch. He boiled the underdone cannellini some more and made bruschettae, and also sliced a grapefruit that was a gift from a student whose family doesn’t eat the fruit from their own trees 😦 We had lunch at the kitchen island.


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