Pizza Americano; broccoli – 23 March 2014

I wasn’t sure how D would react to this all-American pizza, instead of the tomato-sauce-free, veggie-heavy pizzas I usually make, but he deemed it “very good.” Happy 🙂

main140323This is a remake of a personal pizza I made on 3 March. For the two of us, I used 1/3 of a crust recipe, and 1/2 cup of Wells Sauce (tomato sauce), cooked down to thicken it, and with some extra Greek oregano mixed in. The oregano was b/c D, while weeding last week, accidentally pulled up several oregano stems, so we are trying to use them up. I washed a green pepper and cut it in half, then divided the half roughly into third lengthwise, and cut the thirds crosswise into thin strips (maybe 1 mm?). I poured out 1 Tbps + 1 tsp (mistake – leave off the extra tsp) avocado oil (could use olive) and added what I thought (when it was on the head) was one huge clove of garlic, but which turned out to be three small cloves, minced. I cooked these over mediumish heat till the oil bubbled and the garlic was fragrant, then turned off the heat to let the garlic sit in the oil for awhile (probably a couple of hours). I cut… who knows – choose your own amount! – many thin slices from a stick of Molinari pepperoni. This is a perfectly delicious sausage, but bears minimal relation to the pepperoni you would get on a run-of-the-mill pizza.

setting140323While the crust pre-cooked 1 1/2 minutes at 500, I grated a bit less than 4 oz part-skim mozzarella, and a little bit of parmaggiano, mixed them together, and, after the crust was ready, put them over the 1) garlic oil, brushed on; 2) tomato sauce, spread thin; 3) pepperoni; and 4) green pepper, both arranged. I cooked this another 6 minutes. I think it is the parmaggiano that browns in the familiar manner, b/c I rarely see this w/o that cheese.

wine140323This pizza is pretty minimal on veggies, so I cooked up a bit of florets and a lot of stem that I found in the fridge – 4 minutes steaming, drain, reheat in < 1Tbsp butter, with salt and pepper.

I wanted to have our Vaucluse – Domaine La Milliere (2009), which we got at the North Berkeley Wines sale last year – and we really enjoyed the wine, but it did not love the pizza. D said we should have had “Ol’ Red” with this, and he is probably right.



lunchmain140323-2For lunch, we had eggplant sandwiches. D picked up Round Buns from Acme, and I made an aioli with mayonnaise, minced garlic, fresh thyme leaves, and I left out but in later incarnations added: olive oil. Just add lettuce. The sandwiches were excellent. This is a recipe from Georgeanne Brennan in her Potager.


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