Leek and olive tart; asparagus with aioli – 24 March 2014

On spring break, so I’m doing the cooking for this week. I made a dish from the second Greens cookbook, which I’ve made before and we’ve really loved.

main140324Basically, a yeasted, unkneaded crust of flour, water, softened butter, lemon zest, and an egg, and a filling of grated cheese, then cooked leeks and garlic mixed with olives, parsley, and thyme, then finally a custard of eggs, half and half, and lemon zest. Salt and pepper at the appropriate places.

setting140324The recipe suggests sauteed asparagus for springtime meals, and I got a batch of asparagus for the purpose, but upon washing it, I remembered the aioli I made yesterday, and decided to have it cold, instead. I boiled the spears 4 minutes (in a frying pan, which was wide enough) in salted water, then dumped in cold tap water for a bit, and finally dried in a towel and laid out on serving plates and placed in the fridge. wine140324These were perfect temperature (cold) by dinnertime, perhaps a half hour later. I put the aioli container on the table so we could each dish out our own amount.

We had a new white wine for “cooking wine” – Pepperwood Vigionier, and then the last 2/3 of the bottle of Costco’s Kirkland Medoc (2009) which we bought recently to try out. It was quite good, especially for $9.


Later, we had small dished of Three Twins ice cream – chocolate with orange. Delicious!


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