Pizza with potatoes, grilled red pepper, and olive tapenade; Brussels sprouts – 25 March 2014

Definitely a favorite pizza!

main140325setting140325I used the recipe I wrote up in January to make this pizza, decreasing the topping ingredients slightly b/c I used 1/3 dough instead of 1/2 dough recipe this time. Also boiled up some Brussels sprouts for about 6 minutes (I think that’s a tad too long) and left them in the basket above the boiling water for a few minutes b/c I was busy with the pizza. Then I dumped out the water (no! wine140325forgot to heat the bowls so had to put them on the stove overhead shelf) and let the sprouts heat in about 1 tbsp butter for a few minutes, with salt and pepper.

D didn’t like having our Vaucluse with the pepperoni pizza the other night, and I had suggested we have it again with this pizza, and he agreed it would be a good match. He was right. Love this wine! We got it at the North Berkeley Wine sale last year.




We had leftover leek and olive tart, and the last of the baby lettuce pillow from R. D tossed the lettuce lightly in a vinaigrette of some kind – I think it was leftover also, from some other lunch. I really am just posting this picture b/c I thought lunch was so pretty 🙂


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