Pepperoni, kale and potato soup; asparagus – 26 March 2014

main140326Having bought another Molinari pepperoni stick for my pizza Americano the other night, I decided to make this soup again. Differences from the linked recipe: for the stock, I just used one 6-cup can of Swanson’s chicken broth (low salt variety); I forgot the red pepper flakes (it was milder, but still had bite b/c of the pepperoni – a nice variant); I used less pepperoni – something like 6 1/2 inches of the stick – b/c that was all I had left; I added only 1/4 tsp salt at the end, after tasting the soup. I used fairly grubby kale from the garden – had to clean little critter eggs off it, which took awhile – and three large and one smallish Yukon Gold potato. I guess that’s it. It was a delicious soup, though somewhat different from the first incarnation – a higher ratio of potatoes to both pepperoni and kale, and less spicy.

setting140326wine140326I decided I really should have a veggie with this, so I boiled up 20 asparagus spears – thin ones – for 4 minutes, then tossed into cold tap water, and dried. I put them onto plates I had previously (when I started the water) put into the fridge. The asparagus was totally cold within 20 minutes this way. I served some aioli from the other day with this, which was delicious.

D chose a 2008 Madiran from Grocery Outlet to go with the meal, and also to initiate our new carafe, by Nicholas Kekic, of Tsuga Studios. Even with the nice airing (which it definitely needed) the wine was not great – no doubt has seen better days (why it landed at GroceOut) but was reasonably enjoyable anyway. It has a bizarre name of unknowable origin: Chateau Viella Fontaina. (Is that French, Spanish, or Italian?

The carafe was totally cool 🙂 I hope to offer it an outstanding wine this weekend!


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