Spaghetti with reinvented tomato sauce; Brussels sprouts – 27 March 2014

main140327I am burnt out and don’t want to do any more super-cooking this week, so D suggested I just cook up the fresh tomato sauce he made… not sure when. It’s still good, though. setting140327I added water and boiled the sauce;  I also bought one Berkeley Bowl hot Italian sausage and some mushrooms this morning to add to the sauce. I opened the sausage to let the meat free, and cooked that up, starting with a bit of olive oil in the pan. Then I sliced three or four largish brown mushrooms and added them to the pretty well cooked (but not browned) sausage meat. After cooking the mushrooms down foe several minutes, I added the boiled-down original sauce (from which I had removed the myriad thyme stems) and reheated. I cooked up 5 oz spaghetti, and I do have some sauce left over for Saturday lunch. I also cooked up the last of the Brussels sprouts. wine140327I trimmed them and cut in half, boiled 6 minutes, and then left in a small pan in which I had melted about 1 Tbsp butter. I salted and peppered them, then ran off to take a shower before dinner. D started the pasta water before I got out, and I reheated the sprouts and the pasta sauce while the spaghetti cooked. It turned out to be a good dinner.

D chose a Minervois – “Grand Corbier – we think from Grocery Outlet, for this meal, and as another challenge to the Tsuga carafe D bought at the American Crafts Council show in Baltimore. The carafe rose to the challenge  – it was impressive how much smoother the post-aeration glasses of wine were than the early ones.

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