Eggplant “sandwiches” where the eggplant is the bread; leftover black rice with onions – 29 March 2014

Had a hard time deciding on dinner, partly b/c the ones that made sense required a trip to the Bowl, which is not advisable on weekends.

main140329But I did it. Went to the deli, took a number (81 – they were on 73), went to scope out the fresh mozz, asked the staff, looked around, chose bellefiore (cheap, probably good), went back to the deli. They’re on 75. Went to buy my veggies: ran across orange-citrus – tangerines and tangelos and the like, remembered I wanted some and chose “dimply” thingies and tangelos, quickly got two “cooking carrots,” chose a nice, even-sided eggplant, and went back to the deli, and my number was called next 🙂 I bought 1/4 lb prosciutto, and got in a remarkably quick line (likely b/c two checkers) at the 15-items checkstand and went home. All this was to make a neat Weber recipe with grilled eggplant used to surround fresh mozz, prosciutto, red pepper puree, and basil. I see I have written this up in detail previously, so I’ll just link it.

setting140329D remarked that he was going to toss the rice that was int he fridge in a little saucepan. Then he said “it smells fine.” I said, “I was going to make rice to go with this.” He said “black rice.” I said, “I was going to make black rice.” So my life got easier – I diced a half a yellow onion that was in the fridge and cooked it several minutes in oilve oil, then added the rice and heated it very slowly, carefully tossing it from time to time. It needed a bit of salt, but was really delicious, and made a great side for the eggplant sandwiches.

wine140329We had a very good wine with this – Donkey and Goat “Four thirteen” from 2009, which we got at a wine tasting at the winery. It was light enough to go well with this dish, and interesting tasting. I enjoyed it a lot. D opened in an hour and a half or so before dinner, and ended up putting it into our new rolly carafe to air, which was fun. He also gave me my wine allotment in my rolly glass from the same glass blower, and it was fun to drink out of it.





lunchmain140329Adding this 13 April (!) based on the photo. I remember we used up the small bit of leftover spaghetti sauce, and also a small bit of gemelli in their bag – perhaps 2 oz (dry). We had asparagus with just a little butter on it, the rest of an avocado that was in the fridge, and the end of a bread. Looks like a cleanup lunch! I’m sure it was also the last 1/3 of a bottle of wine.


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