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Linguine with tomato sauce and goat cheese; broccoli; lettuce and carrot – 26 May 2014

Still at Mom’s, but this time I’m cooking my food – after a fashion. I have no garlic, for example, and what herbs I want I have to buy in plastic containers instead of running out to the garden (wrong … Continue reading

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Tuna patties; zucchini with walnuts and allspice; rice; lettuce and carrots – 25 May 2014

First attempt to find something Mom would be willing to cook (not complicated) and Bro would be happy to eat (no meat, fish ok). I’ve been trying over the phone to talk Mom into making tuna patties for Bro for … Continue reading

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“Catch as catch can” at Mom’s – 24 May 2014

After a couple of outings, and making herself a late snack (more like lunch), Mom thought we should all just grab whatever we wanted for dinner. Of course, she had trouble sticking to that, and we ended up being somewhat … Continue reading

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Hamburger-noodle casserole; mixed vegetables and added canned corn; refrigerator rolls; lettuce and carrots – 23 May 2014

Classic Mom-dinner here. She wanted to make this, which she says was a favorite of my late sister P. The recipe calls for one medium onion, chopped, and cooked with 1 1/2 lb of beef and 1/2 tsp (or was … Continue reading

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Macaroni and Cheese; canned corn, turkey bacon – 22 May 2014

We didn’t have the cottage cheese for the dish Mom wanted to make, so punted with macaroni and cheese, using Mom’s favorite, longhorn cheddar. She cut chunks of the cheddar, and also mixed in a little milk. We warmed up … Continue reading

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Spaghetti and salad at Mom’s – 21 May 2014

Arrived at Mom’s for a 2 week visit. She wanted to have spaghetti, and I helped a bit to put it together, but basically followed her instructions. She uses Ragu, for convenience. I “defrosted” about 2/3 pound of hamburger by … Continue reading

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Polenta with Black Bean Salad and Green Chile Sauce – 15 May 2014

Our cilantro is on the verge of bolting, so we assembled some of our cilantro-using recipes to use it while it’s still good. This one basically decimated two of the three plants. Not necessarily a good choice, to tell the … Continue reading

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Salad on the deck – 13 May 2014

It was in the high 80s here, and the 90s where I work. D’s workplace overheats in hot weather, so he decided to take today (and tomorrow) off, instead of the weekend, which is supposed to be temperate. And, he … Continue reading

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Dinner on the trail – 3 May 2014

D chose a walk in the park to celebrate his (belated) birthday, and we brought dinner with us. He put most of it together. R came too. Let’s see… writing this the 28th, unfortunately, but I know we brought Bonne … Continue reading

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Spring veggies – warm and cold! – 2 May 2014

D cooking, still. Yesterday, R bought a pillow of baby lettuces and offered D some of it, so we will be having major salads for awhile! Tonight’s had asparagus, hard boiled egg, pan-toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds (extras not used … Continue reading

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