Dinner on the trail – 3 May 2014

D chose a walk in the park to celebrate his (belated) birthday, and we brought dinner with us. He put most of it together. R came too.

main140503Let’s see… writing this the 28th, unfortunately, but I know we brought Bonne Bouche but didn’t eat it (had so much!) and another Cheese Board cheese I call “moldy mountain” b/c that’s what it looks like. Fabulous cheeses. Bonne Bouche returns in a few days. We got two baguettes, also from Cheese Board, one seeded and the other sourdough, some of wine140503those nifty green-green (as opposed to olive green) olives, some farmers’ market carrots, radishes probably from the FM, hard boiled eggs – I think they were quail eggs, actually – and some cooked asparagus spears. Oh, and a salad turnip – it has another name I can’t think of right now – from Riverdog Farm. Also finished off a Christopher Lee pate that we had in the freezer. Fabulous! Quite a luxury dinner!

We had a wine that I know was really nice but it was unfortunately too warm, despite having been carried in an insulated tube – we should have started it off in the freezer. It says “Columna” and “Albarino;” I think we got it at The Wine Mine and I think it’s Greek.

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