Salad on the deck – 13 May 2014

main140513It was in the high 80s here, and the 90s where I work. D’s workplace overheats in hot weather, so he decided to take today (and tomorrow) off, instead of the weekend, which is supposed to be temperate. And, he decided on a salad for dinner, appropriately. I suggested we eat on the deck, on one of these rare occasions when it was warm enough and not windy; D thought it would be too hot, but in fact it was coolish by the time we got out there ar about 8pm.

setting140513For the salad, D pulled lettuce and arugula, nasturtiums, and I don’t know what-all else from the garden (probably mustard greens and selected herbs). He also added the last hard-boiled egg, and the other half of the “Italian Gorgonzola” that I got at the Bowl for my Sunday pizza. He used up the balsamic vinaigrette that we had been varying for days, by adding Berkeley Bowl seedy mustard to it. We had a couple more slices of the Acme bread – I think Italian Batard – that D bought a couple days ago.

wine140513D actually decided on this dinner well enough in advance to chill down a white wine – 2012 Pomelo, a Sauvignon Blanc we get at the Bowl. I have usually loved this wine, but was not entranced by this particular bottle. Good, just not great – less of the wonderful grapefruitiness.

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